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Dear scientists

As it is known, Corona Virus is spreading rapidly in many countries and some measures are taken by the relevant authorities to prevent the virus.

As the Association for Economic Development and Social Research, a number of measures have been taken in our practices for the participation of both Turkish scientists and foreign scientists in international meetings, congresses and symposiums we organize in Turkey and abroad, and especially when these measures are taken, the scientific studies of Turkish scientists are not interrupted and the congress organization maximum effort to protect the seriousness shown by scientific ethics.



As it is known, many leading foundations and public universities abroad and in our country successfully implement distance education programs in different ways by using digital technologies such as "open education faculty, e-participation to some courses, and master's degree" . With the decision of our board of directors , the remote (online) congress participation quota, which we have previously applied with digital applications such as Skype and messenger in very exceptional cases, not exceeding 5% of the total number of congress participants.

  • The total number of participants for our international congress in Turkey, 20% have to rate

  • For our congresses abroad, it has been increased to 30% of the total number of participants.


In order to participate in our congresses with a remote (online) presentation

  • First of all, applying to our congress with abstract or full text

  • Your work has been accepted by the science / referee board

  • If you receive the acceptance letter of your remote presentation request, you must notify it immediately.

  • Distance presentation quota will be allocated to our participants according to the order of application.

  • Online participation requests of those who have not submitted a summary or full text application to the congress and whose applications are in the process of evaluating by the referees will not be taken into consideration.


Online participation additional quota

Online submission requests of our scientists in the groups listed below will be accepted with priority regardless of the quota stated above (20% and 30%).

  • Those over the age of 55

  • Those who are pregnant or suspected of pregnancy

  • Those whose spouses are pregnant

  • Have children under the age of 6

  • Those who have a relatives (mother, father, spouse, child) with permanent illness and live with these relatives

  • Those who have traveled to the People's Republic of China, South Korea, Iraq, Italy and Iran in the last two months

Note 1: It is not possible to use this quota if the works of the above priority group have multiple authors and one of the other authors is not in the priority group.

Note 2: Our congress organization has the right to request a document (such as a doctor's report, birth certificate copy) from those who meet the above conditions.



  • Participation of foreign scientists applying from the People's Republic of China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Iraq will not be accepted.

  • Participation of foreign nationals of other countries who have traveled to the above mentioned countries in the last three months will not be accepted. If the passports of all foreign participants are examined at the congress registration desk and it is determined that they have traveled to the countries listed above, they will not be allowed to attend the sessions.

  • In case of personal participation requests from countries other than the countries listed above, if deemed necessary, a health report will be requested from the participants.



  • Personal participation of Turkish citizens who have traveled to the above-mentioned countries (China, Korea, Italy, Iran, Iraq) within the last two months will not be accepted.

  • For all our congresses, written commitments will be received from our Turkish citizen participants that they have not traveled to the countries listed above in the last month. Participants who are understood to have made false or false statements will be informed about the institutions they work for and the relevant units, their work will not be published by canceling the congress participation documents, and if published, it will be canceled.



  • The venues where congress sessions will be held (universities or meeting rooms of hotels) will be regularly disinfected by the contracted companies before and during the breaks.

  • Hand disinfection chemicals will be available in the session halls / entrances.

  • No audience will be accepted except the participants registered to our congresses.

  • Congress openings with high participation will not be held.

  • Short-term (60 minutes) sessions will be held while the program is being prepared so that the presentation rooms are not crowded.

  • Congress social events (excursions, mass meals, etc.) will be suspended.

  • Our congress team and employees were ensured to undergo regular health checks, and their travels to countries in the risk group were stopped.

  • Necessary arrangements will be made for local and foreign participants to make presentations in different halls.

  • On the congress websites, our participants will be advised to avoid contact with each other as much as possible during the congress.


Respectfully announced to all our scientists

Sefa Salih BRIEF

Chief advisor

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