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International Book Chapter Publication
Please read all the descriptions below carefully
You can publish the summaries of the works you have presented by participating in our congresses in the congress summary proceedings books and publish your full texts as the International Book Section.
ISPEC Publishing Agency provides the book section services of İKSAD Publishing House.
- Your full texts are published as an international book chapter by İKSAD International Publishing House.
- İKSAD Publishing House is a recognized international publishing house for 7 years according to ÜAK (associate professorship) and YÖK (2020 Incentive) criteria.
- İKSAD Publishing House meets all the requirements of relevant institutions (such as being a publishing house for at least 5 years, cataloging in the top 500 universities, publishing a certain number of books in the relevant field, number of publications in foreign languages ​​...) .
- For detailed information about İKSAD Publishing House
- To download the cover letter stating that İKSAD Publishing House meets the criteria of ÜAK and YÖK click
- You must prepare your book chapters in accordance with our Publishing Author's Spelling Guide . Sections that are not prepared in accordance with our guide will not be published. For the guide click
Frequently Asked Questions
1- If I want to publish the full text of the paper I presented in your congress as an international book section instead of the congress paper, where should I send it until when?
You must send your full text that you want to publish as an International Book chapter to until the last full text submission date specified in the calendar of the congress you attended.
2- When will the full text I have sent you published as an international book chapter?
International book chapters are published in the current year. However, we pay special attention to the publication of the book chapters in March and October and December, which are the application periods for associate professorship. Namely,
For our congresses attended in January and February , at the latest until 25 March
For the congresses you attended in March, April, May, June , at the latest July 25   until date
For our congresses attended in July, August and September , at the latest 25 October until date
For our congresses attended in October and November , at the latest until 25 December
For the congresses you attended in December , at the latest until 25 March of the following year
Your book chapters are published in our edited international books.
* The dates mentioned above are the deadlines for the books to be published. However, it is also likely that your book chapters will be published earlier (if there are enough other chapter requests in the relevant field).
3- How does the international book chapter publication process of my full text work?
The process is briefly as follows:
- Congress until the schedule specified in the last full-text transmission history book section is sent to the address by the author about (book chapters, along with strong photograph in jpg format of your participation in the congress documents and plagiarism report should be sent by the author. Likelihood ratio should be at most 20%. Sections for which plagiarism reports are not submitted are not taken into account)
- You need to prepare your chapters in accordance with the Publisher's Writing Guide ( click for the guide )
- When sending your department, please indicate which of the disciplines below (see Article 6) you would like your department to be published.
- Submitted book chapters are archived by the publisher by classifying them according to their fields and subjects.
- When enough (at least 4) book chapters in the relevant field reach, one or two editors are assigned and the book chapters and the contact information of the authors of these chapters are sent to the editor.
- The editor communicates with the chapter authors and carries out the ratio process required for book chapters.
- After the editor completes the process, the book contracts and chapter writing invitation are sent to the authors and their signed copies are requested (for multi-author studies, each author must sign the contract separately)
- After the cover and design phase, the book chapter fees are deposited into the account number provided by the author.
- ISBN is allocated to the book in the relevant field and is published electronically.
- After the publication, the publisher's top letter (publisher status, license number, university and catalog numbers, publication list, etc.) is sent to the authors to be used in associate professorship and academic incentives.
4- How much is the publication fee of the International Book Chapter?
İKSAD Publishing's book section publication fee is 350 TL. However, for our congress participants, the publication fee for the book chapter is 210 TL . For this reason, while sending your book chapter to , you must also send the photograph of your congress attendance document as JPG.
5- We prepared the abstract as 2 authors and presented it in the congress in this way. However, while preparing the chapter of the book, another academician contributed to us. How would you evaluate this situation?
If one or more authors who are not congress participants are in the international book section, you must send your book section to . After this stage, you need to continue the publishing process in direct contact with İKSAD publishing house. In this case, you will be subject to the normal broadcast fee (350 TL).
6- In which book will the chapter of the book I send you be published?
Book chapters in the following basic disciplines will be created for our congress participants in 2020.
You can also access the books to be published on our website.
- History Studies
- Economic and Administrative Sciences Studies
- Sociology and Psychology Studies
- Educational Sciences Studies
Theology studies
- Language and Literature Studies
- Cultural Studies
- Fine Arts Studies
- Physics Studies
- Chemistry Studies
- Biology Studies
- Mathematical Studies
- Agricultural Studies
- Veterinary Studies
- Health Sciences Studies
- Engineering Studies
- General Social and Humanities Studies
- General Applied Sciences Research
In the above-mentioned disciplines, in different names and in case of sufficient demand, specific books (such as Microeconomics, surgical sciences) will be published in sub-disciplines.
7- My field does not fall into any of the basic disciplines you mentioned above. What should I do in this situation?
Your work in books that will be published on two general disciplines (General Social and Human Sciences or General Applied Sciences) mentioned at the bottom of the list above can be published as a book section or you can evaluate your full text as an ARTICLE in journals.
8- Can I publish the full text of the paper I presented in your congress both in the congress proceedings book and as an international book chapter?
Whether or not to use both types of publications is at your discretion. However, we recommend that you publish your full text only in one place in case of possible future allegations of ethical violation.
9- I attended your congress and my summary was published. However, I would like to send you another full text of my international book chapter for publication, is that possible?
We only provide services for the publication of the works presented at the congress from this portal. If you have a work that has not been presented in the congress, please contact to publish it as a book chapter.   contact with the address
10- Where can I find the post-publication book?
You can access our edited books published due to congress participation from the link below.
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